Free of corn, wheat, soy, grains, fillers, preservatives and chemicals!
Human Grade Nutritional Holistic Raw Pet Food
Human Grade Nutritional Holistic Raw Pet Food
Human Grade Nutritional Holistic Raw Pet Food
Human Grade Nutritional Holistic Raw Pet Food
Unfit for human consumption….

Nutritious food for dogs?

  • 36 Pet Food Recalls since Jan. 2013
  • 400 Million dollars is the yearly advertising budget for pet food in the USA
  • 5 Companies control 85% of the pet food market with over 15,000 different brands in the USA and Canada
  • US Law permits condemned meat as pet food
  • The FDA has no mandatory authority to demand a pet food recall! (All recalls are voluntary)
  • In the USA a dog is diagnosed with cancer every five seconds!
  • 87% of canine illnesses are caused by commercial dog food: Dog Cancer, Liver Problems, Canine Pancreatitis,  Allergies, Yeast Issues
  • In one year an average 50-pound dog will ingest about18 pounds of preservatives when eating traditional commercial food
  • Six deadly chemicals banned from human foods are used in pet food and may not have to be labeled!
         Sodium Pentobarbital (to euthanize pets)
         Crude Carbolic Acid (to denature)
         Fuel Oil (to denature)
         Citronella (to denature)
         Ethoxyquin (fat preservative, also pesticide, rubber               hardener) – causes birth defects, liver failure and cancer
  • Meat By-Products
    parts not fit for human consumption like feathers, feet, heads, ligaments, blood, bones, intestines and diseased organs are considered PET GRADE
  • Meat & "Meal" Products
    processed at high temperatures that "denature" protein, meaning it DESTROYS the amino acids that make up protein. They are poorly digested and provide little nutritive value
  • Meat Meal
    "The rendered product of mammalian tissues, exclusive of any ADDED blood, hair, hide, trimmings, manure, stomach and rumen contents."
    All of the above can be present in the "meal" as long as the manufacturer doesn't add extra
  • 4-D Animals
    dead, dying, diseased & disabled.
    Are banned from human consumption and are still legally allowed in pet food
  • Rendering
    is the process of cooking meat and meat byproducts, including condemned meats, at high temperatures This material is finely ground and the end product is meat meal
  • Condemned Grains
    moldy grains (wheat, corn, rice etc.) are not fit for human consumption. They contain harmful myotoxins that end up in pet food.